Thursday, June 28, 2007

Planning for EW


I've got my flights. Check.

Car? No car this trip. Check. Hoping not to need to rent during the week...

Tickets? Check, although I'm sure I'm missing something. Hopefully I will be able to pick up tickets to any events I have forgotten.

Hotels. Check. Hotels? with an S? Yes. I have to admit I currently have 2 hotel reservations at 2 different downtown locations. The reason for this is I made a mistake months ago when I booked the Marriott - only I booked the wrong one! By the time I realized my mistake, the Downtown Marriott was booked. I wasn't sure the other one was where I really wanted to stay, so I kept that reservation and booked another hotel from a different company - one that has some major good AND bad reviews on one of the travel websites.

I really need to decide since people are looking for rooms, and it isn't fair. So I think I'll check with an EI member who lives in Memphis for an opinion. When I decide I'll give up one of the rooms. Still hoping that the Marriott downtown opens up.

My guilty conscience will be eased.

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SusieQ said...

OK, with the help of a gracious Memphian, I have chosen the Marriott Residence Inn. I will be offering my other hotel room on the EI board.

Still hoping for an opening at the Marriott DT.

Getting closer!