Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Terry Mike Jeffrey

We went to EP Delta to see Terry and his group tonight. I have only seen him once before when he sang just a couple of songs at Marian Cocke’s benefit last year. I was impressed then, but tonight I was blown away. As ElvisSessions mentioned about his show the night before, Terry is very professional and has a fabulous band (including his wife of 35 years and his son!). He’s NOT an ETA. He sounds like Elvis, sings his repertoire, but doesn’t try to copy Elvis. He’s also James and Glen D., instrument-wise. He’s amazing, talks to the audience with great fun, and puts on an awesome show.

BTW, I had dinner at the EP Delta restaurant. They have their annual “Elvis” menu which includes a fried banana split. Did you know Elvis was fond of eating duck quesadillas? ;-)

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