Thursday, September 4, 2008

New video from Elvis Week 2008

Using a new camcorder for the first time I took some video at Elvis week. The quality is only so-so. So please forgive the shaky camera, etc. It was my first time :)

Due to the limitations of the editor I was using, I had to re-edit and re-publish the footage. The result is less than sharp because of the generations of editing. I hope you can enjoy it anyway. My intentions were good. I'm getting much better at this now.



Anonymous said...

Susie,This beautifully done even if it was your first time videoing. It was fun being there as usual, glad you captured it. Elvis will always live in our hearts with fans as dedicated as they are to him and yes we miss him and wish he was here. Presleygirl

Anonymous said...

Susie,thankyou for giving me the oportunity to feel and see some of the atmotsphere of that night.Ihad hoped to see some of it on the insiders cam but miscalculated the time difference.Ihope i get a chance to see some more somewhen.

Anonymous said...

heyy!...awesome! bring back to me the most wonderful memories, I was in there for my first time this year!...we made a long trip from Chile to be in Elvisweek 2008, it was a dream come true, and I really hope to be there this 2009!, thanks a lot!...TCB

Anonymous said...

Susie i have just watch your video of Elvis week and it made me come out in goosebumps, i really wish that i could have been there.