Sunday, July 5, 2009

Next Generation

I'm a relative latecomer to the Elvis fan world. Although I remember him on TV in the 50s and I know exactly where I was when he died, I only became a fan in 2000 (see my first blog post for my story). But the excitement and joy were just as real as it probably was for those who saw his genious from the beginning. I have loved discovering each new recording and/or video of Elvis's talent and charisma.

In the 60s I was a huge Beatles fan. Rubber Soul was the first album I ever owned and I listened to it until it was almost too worn to play.

The excitement I felt for the Beatles and Elvis is back in my life. It's because of Adam Lambert. Adam has the raw talent, the charisma - everything that I saw in Elvis and the Beatles. While in this day and age I'm not sure anyone can rise to the iconic heights of the Beatles and Elvis, if anyone can, it is Adam Lambert.

And it isn't just his talent. It's his character, his integrity. I've been viewing every interview I can find on youtube and elsewhere. Everything I see tells me he is as genuine and as nice as he appears to be. That's like Elvis, too. Have you seen the genuine closeness between Adam and Idol winner Kris Allen? It's so fun to watch!

I amazed myself

a) by deciding to by his music online (and will get his CD when it comes out) and

b) buying a ticket to see the American Idol show. I'm only interested in Adam's 5-10 minutes, although I like Allison's voice a lot, too. When he starts to tour to promote his CD I will buy a ticket to that, too. I can't get enough of this guy.

Go to and do a search for Adam Lambert . Add the word "Brigadoon" to hear his amazing tenor from a fairly high quality audience recording of a performance of that show. Then search for the Idol shows, especially the finally with Queen. (That's where you'll understand that the American Idol contest is not just about talent - otherwise Adam would have won, hands down).

I know this is my Elvis blog, but this is definitely Elvis-related. I'll try to blog from Tacoma where I will be seeing the Idol concert. I'll be tweeting (@seattlesusieq) during the show and I'll blog my thought about it afterwards.

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