Sunday, July 8, 2007

34 Days

I can't believe I'm paying attention to how many days there are before I arrive in Memphis. That's just so not me (or is it? ;))

Here's what I have so far:
Arrive Sat Aug. 11th
I understand there are 3 shows I'd be interested in seeing that evening, although I have no tickets for any of these: Wanda Jackson, Chris Isaak and Jamie Aaron Kelly. I may play that by ear, since I only arrive at 7:15 I may not get into town from the airport in time for any of them. But I have to say I will shoot for the Wanda Jackson show. I'll try to catch Jamie later in the week.
Sunday Aug 12
· Meet and Greet, Expo during the day. I'm glad I'll get there before the major rush the next day. Hope all the celebs are there already.

· George Klein Memphis Mafia reunion/dinner. I went to that event the first time I was at EW. Funny how things change - at that time I had no idea who anyone was - the speakers, that is. That was in 2002.

· the Elvis Insiders Events! I am looking forward to these. Maybe there's still a surprise guest? I'm hoping for Kurt Russell (since Mac Davis can't come ;-))

· Marian Cocke's Benefit Auction and Dinner -- The last time I went to her event the theme was Elvis' Gospel music. In addtion to the speakers who knew Elvis, she had several ETAs sing - only gospel, and not in "costume". It was very, very lovely. She puts on a classy event.

· Concerts:
"BJ Thomas and the Memphis Boys", 30th Ann'y Concerts (both). Darwin Lamm's concerts. Have I missed any? Man, I'm looking forward to ALL of the concerts! What a week!

I'd also like to see Sonny Burgess and the Pacers. I adore Sonny Burgess, having had the privelege of spending time with him and Kern when they came up to New Jersey for a post-9/11 fundraising concert I co-produced. They're playing twice, from what I can tell. Just have to get them on the schedule. --- Oh drats! I just found out that one of the concerts happens after I leave. So I've gotta make sure I see them earlier in the week.

· This year will be my first vigil. I hope it doesn't rain.

I know I'm missing something. I've gotta get organized!

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