Monday, July 16, 2007

Sirius Satellite Radio Equipment Rant

I'm annoyed. I have had a Sirius S50 portable device for over a year (and out of warranty). I have a car kit and a home kit. I've had to replace the car antenna and the reception at home kicks out unevenly, even on gorgeous sunny days. But that's not why I'm irritated.

Now the car dock has died and I having great difficulty getting a new one. The new car kit I ordered from Sirius didn't have the car dock and when I called about that, they said they didn't sell it anymore. All the stores - both brick-and-mortar and online - no longer have the car kits (even though they still appear on their websites). All the eBay listings include the receiver, which I don't want to pay for again (There was one car dock only item but I didn't win it because I didn't want to pay as much for that as for the whole box).

OK, so I see the handwriting on the wall. I'm going to have to get a new receiver. The Stiletto is the new portable device and it's really portable in that you can really listen to Sirius live on the go! The portability is not limited to pre-recorded stuff. That's what I want. And if I want to spend even more money, I can get the wi-fi enabled version. That's what I really want. (sigh)

The irritation I have is because of this: I thought I might keep the S50 receiver in the home dock and use the Stiletto everywhere else. But I can only do that if I buy an additional subscription to Sirius! GRRRRRRRRR!

The second irritation is cost. Reading reviews, I learned that I'm still going to have to buy a car dock for reasonable reception with the Stiletto in the car.

Does anyone want to buy a Sirius S50 receiver with home docking kit? Includes the receiver, dock, antenna.. You have to buy (or transfer) your own Sirius subscription.

I'm still looking for a car dock on eBay, although I really want to have something in place for a long drive I'm taking this weekend.

Rant over.

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