Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Susan Henning, et al at EW

Of course it would be fun to hear what this woman has to say about the steamy hot interaction she had with Elvis in the outtakes of the '68 Special. That goes without saying. But did you know she played Hayley Mills "secret co-star" in "The Parent Trap"? (not the Linday Lohan version!!) She was the "other twin". (about Susan Henning) I adored Hayley Mills films when I was a kid.

I haven't decided about attending this event yet. I would really love to chat with Billy and Jo Smith, who were, of course, 2 of the last people to see Elvis alive.

And speaking of Billy Smith, I've always wondered why he is not invited to Presley-family events - like "Presley by the Presleys". Like it or not, he was family. Is family. If it's because of his participation in some of the more sleazy shows about Elvis, why would they invite Dick Grob? or Joe Esposito? Oh well. Some things we'll never know.

Now I have to decide about this event...


Mike Freeman said...

Why Billy isn't apparently invited? A lot of that has to do with his own attitude, I believe. I don't know the man personally. But from what I interpret of his own writings, he has been bitter about his role with Elvis Presley Enterprises since 1982.
He did appear at George Klein's Memphis Mafia reunion in August, and he argued with some fans there. So his grouchy attitude is not limited to EPE management.
Some people may want a shouting match between Billy or Marty (He is notoriously grumpy) against their opposition. But I prefer nice, quiet and happy events.

SusieQ said...

Thanks. I didn't know this information about Billy. I'd still like to talk to him one-on-one someday.

So can you tell me why they invite Dick Grob? :-)