Thursday, July 12, 2007

My First Time

My very first Elvis week was in 2002, the 25th anniversary of Elvis' passing. It wasn't my first time in Memphis, but it was my first Elvis Week.

We were interviewing people for "200 Cadillacs" and I had a blast. I met George, Scotty, Joe, Larry, Kang Rhee, Myrna, Gordon and several others, including some of the car salesman that were interviewed for our film. I had already met DJ and Jerry Scheff at other Elvis related events on the west coast. DJ and Jerry (along with Sonny Burgess and Kern Kennedy) had participated in a post 9/11 fundraising concert in New Jersey that I co-produced. But I digress.

After the big "Elvis-the-Concert" at the Pyramid (the one that was used in the new DVD), I got to go see all the performers with a backstage pass (thanks, Jerry). Here's a picture of me then with Glen D.

And here's a picture of Priscilla that I took at the after-party. I'm quite proud of this one. She looks really, really great here, doesn't she? Yep. I was that close! I hope to get some wonderful new ones of her this year at the EI Conference.

I didn't go to the vigil that year, although I thought about it. But that was the year of the heavy downpour (I think! Please correct me if I'm wrong) and I just didn't want to go badly enough to stand out there in the rain. This is the year, though - rain or shine.

Only 30 more days!

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