Friday, August 10, 2007

24 hours from now

I'll be en route on my American Airlines flight (let's hope!). I've got one more laundry to do and I'm ready to pack (yes, the suitcases have been out for 2 weeks already).

I am really looking forward to this week - especially the blogging part! I'm hoping to give you all a good sense of what's going on at the events I cover. First event will be Wanda Jackson in concert, although that will be written after, not during the event. I'm so excited about that.

Well, laundry and packing, here I come!

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Pam Dyson, MA, PLPC said...

Susan, I am really looking forward to attending the Wanda Jackson concert with you. For anyone reading this who might be interested go to for ticket information. This is the only time she is performing during Elvis Week.