Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jamie Aaron Kelley

For those of you in Memphis this week, you should REALLY, REALLY try to get to EP's Delta to see Jamie perform. He has a full band and backup singers now. What a voice! Although he's been moving away from his Elvis show he understands what his audience wants during Elvis week and he does NOT disappoint! He's performing twice a night almost every night this week. Only $20 per ticket and you get MORE than your money's worth! I promise! Just think - you'll be able to say you knew him "when". :-)

Also - a very cool thing: James Burton was in the audience. I took a picture of Jamie where you could see the back of James' head and I was prepared to post with an arrow pointing to James, but it was too blurry. :-(

Here's a link to some pictures I took. Jamie Aaron Kelley I was behind the bar, so I had to crop pictures to remove the bar glasses at the bottom of many pictures. oh well.

One recommendation for this place: go for the drinks only. The menu is VERY limited for Elvis Week and the food we ordered was pretty awful. Just 2 people's opinions. I'm not happy to report this, since I want this restaurant to succeed.


Anonymous said...

I've known Jamie for a long time. I know he is nice and talented, but I don't think he did well this Elvis Week. I saw eight shows out of ten. I was satisfied with only one. I guess he looked too tired. He should have, and could have hidden it. I am not sure the restaurant will ask him to perform again, but I hope he will be back there and show his full energy and gifted talent.

SusieQ said...

Interesting. Wow - 8 shows! You're really a fan!

I only saw one show, on Sunday Aug 12th. He was already showing signs of hoarseness that probably affected the rest of the week, since he didn't really have time to rest his vocal cords.

Larry said...

First of all, Thank You Seattle Susie Q for your kind comments, and then let me say - Jamie was not tired during the 2007 Elvis Week shows but he did just come from Chicago where he performed for the Elvis Night at the White Sox game. It was very windy and cool out for the game and he did a 2 hour show prior to the game and then the national Anthem and then the 7th inning stretch performance and then the big final performance after the game. The cool air, very chilly in fact, was not good for his throat and that had the affect on his throat the very next night starting at Delta Kitchen.
For whoever 'annonymous' is and about 10 people bought every night tickets so it's not hard to figure that one out, to make a statement like "not sure the restaurant will ask him to perform again" let me say, they have hired him back for Elvis Week 2008 and in fact, they presented him with a very nice award on the last night in Memphis last August as congratulations on his triumphant shows there!
Besides that, we had to control tons of people every night who wanted to video tape the whole performance!! People from all over the globe just loved him.
But you can't please everyone though 1 out of 600 isn't bad.

Anonymous said...

Jamie will be at EP Delta Kitchen during Elvis Week 2008 on August
14th. It's $20 per show. He is in Vegas August 8th and 9th for shows with the Imperials backing him and right after Memphis, he's off to Chicago to do the White Sox Elvis Night event for the 3rd year in a row!