Tuesday, August 14, 2007

EI Conference Day 2 - the TCB Band

OK, right now I'm blogging live as it goes on. Tom has introduced the TCB band and is now interviewing them.

James is saying how amazing it is to him to see the same fan faces over all these years.
Ronnie Tutt loves seeing the generations of Elvis fans in one family.

They're talking about rehearsals and takes and retakes which is why the recordings are so great.

Glen talks about how good a tour manager Tom Diskin was. Made things easier, but it was hard work.

Ronnie is saying that when a show was over (on tour) Elvis literally left the building and went right to the airport. The band, however, would take time to wind down after the show and then have to get up very early to leave for the next city's show. It was very tiring. Vegas was easier, although they did 2 shows a night (3 on weekends in the first few years).

Jerry mentions that the big Elvis-the-Concert they do now is actually twice as long as the shows they did with Elvis - and they're twice as old!

Ronnie mentions that he got a chance to spend a lot of leisure time together (karate, etc) and he was funny and warm and a great guy to be around. That's what he misses most.

Glen looks really great. He's lost a lot of weight since the last time I saw him.

Jerry says what he liked a lot was that the music with Elvis kept evolving and that's what he loved. He loved that Elvis loved the musicians.

Fan stories: Ronnie mentions meeting a Turkish Elvis fan. There are 5000 members of an Elvis fan club there! James was in Russia traveling with Jerry Lee and Elvis fans recognized him. Glen just said he can't think of a story on the spot like this. "I drink a lot", he said. Lots of laughter.

When not involved with Elvis-related activities.
Glen - had time off this summer. Working on his garage wall. :)
Jerry - in response to Tom's "what are you working on" Jerry says "Stayin' alive!". He's working with someone who does corporate shows and he comes out and tells stories.
Son Jason (bass player of group Chicago) wants to build a studio to do some recording with the TCB band.
Ronnie: doing grandpa duty, projects around the house.
James: doing his own show James Burton Intl'l Guitar Festival to raise money to buy guitars for kids. First show - raised money for 600 guitars to put into schools. Second show this year raised money to buy over $1200 guitars. Tomorrow he's presenting guitars to St. Judes hospital.

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