Monday, August 6, 2007

LMP is doing SOMETHING for the concert!

I just learned that Lisa Marie will be "doing something" for the big concert! I hope it's something like what she did in 1997 with "Don't Cry Daddy". I wasn't in the audience for that but was able to get a bootleg video. It was amazing - and I kinda surprised myself with my reaction to it - serious lump in my throat, tears. And then there was her big smile at the very end, like she was so proud. If that really was what she was thinking, she nailed it. Here's a Youtube link to the bootleg. Enjoy. Don't forget to note that smile at the end.

I've seen Lisa in concert and really enjoyed the show. I make it a point to get her CDs before I see her so I can understand the lyrics of her songs. ;-) She writes great songs.

Maybe she'll perform live this time( instead of or in addition to a video). Whatever she does I'm thrilled that she has decided to participate in a big way for this event. Yep, it's unbef#%^lievable and it's terrific!


Pam Dyson, MA, PLPC said...

I also have trouble understand the lyrics when Lisa sings. Glad to know it's not just me.

It will be interesting to see her tribute to her father at the concert.

Mike Freeman said...

Is it top secret? It would not surprise me at all to see her somewhere during Elvis Week.

SusieQ said...

No, it's not top secret. She announced on her myspace page. I'd love to see her elsewhere, but I don't expect to see her at any of the other concerts. THAT would surprise me.

Pam Dyson, MA, PLPC said...

I am suspicious of what is posted on MySpace pages. There's no way of verifying that Lisa herself is posting. Besides, why would she leak this and cause all sorts of speculation? That doesn't fit her style. Maybe I'm wrong. Just my perspective.

Pattie Moatsi said...

Geez, I thought it was just me, but, guess not. I also have trouble understanding Lisa's songs. "In the Ghetto," with Elvis, quite surprised me. She did a wonderful video with him, and I am sure, he would be very pleased with her tribute to him, and to the upcoming Elvis Place in New Orleans.

Love your site SusieQ. Keep up the great work.

Pattie Moats said...

Sorry.....My Name is misspelled.