Tuesday, August 14, 2007

EI Conference Day 2 - Priscilla

Priscilla looks GREAT!

Her favorite Elvis song: Memphis sessions songs.

The times she cherished were the times she and Elvis got to be alone. He could vent about things in private. She was a sounding board for him.

When she first met Elvis, he had just lost his mother and he was very lonely. She was as private as he was. He was very loyal and that's why so many of are still loyal to him. We feel protective of him. It's hard for her to decide what to share without wondering if she is betraying his confidence.

Jerry says she's done a very good job of protecting his privacy.

She wrote her book (Eliv n Me) because of the stuff written in Albert Goldman's book, among others. Again she wanted to be truthful, but keep some things back to protect Elvis, and that is why it took 3 years to write.

About the decision to open Graceland - she held off as long as she could. But when push came to shove, this is what she had to do to keep Graceland in the family. She thanks God that she found Jack Soden.

AT what time in his life with her was Elvis the happiest. At the beginning "young Elvis". At the ranch, Lisa, traveling with their friends.

She found Gene Smith's wife and invited her to be here. They were very close when Priscilla first met Elvis.

She thinks Elvis would get a kick out of the ETAs.

Did you ever sing with Elvis? Yes.

Elvis liked "Hey, hey Paula". "Save the Last Dance for Me" Roy Orbison songs. Ballads, gospel, story-telling songs.

Priscilla is talking about the process Elvis went through to write the Outstanding Young Men speech.

Elvis believed very strongly that he had a responsibility to send a message to youth to encourage kids to stay in school; it was very important for families to stay together. And he would be appalled at the Linday Lohans of this world. Lisa is trying to help now, too.

Favorite holiday with Elvis - Christmas, especially after Lisa was born.

The story about knocking on doors in the middle of the night to find a golden palomino was a riot.

The last time she spoke to Elvis was a couple days before he died. He wanted Lisa to stay until he left on tour. He was concerned about his weight and he was trying to get motivated about it. But he was looking forward to it. She felt he wasn't up to par health-wise. He seemed a bit pre-occupied and she wonders if she should have called him. She saw him a couple of months before he diied.

Talked about the origins of the TCB and the TLC.

One last question about partnership with Sillerman. She's very confident about the partnership. It took a long time to find the right partner and they're very happy working with them. They will help improve getting all the things there are to see available and visible.
Things are being planned that we'll like.

Priscilla says it won't be like Disneyland and it will be something we'll all be proud of. We should rest assured everything will be ok.


Pam Dyson, MA, PLPC said...

Priscilla was more relaxed then I've ever seen. When she kicked her feet up and asked for a pillow I saw the playful side of her that might have been one of the qualities that Elvis loved about her.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree. Priscilla was a very gorgeous woman. She's had so much surgery that she doesn't even look human anymore. Way to much. I'm sure she is a wonderful person. I wish she could have aged gracefully.