Thursday, August 16, 2007

FE Comes to Graceland

If you don’t know who or what Flat Elvis is, please check out this website:
Flat Elvis website

After all the hoopla at the gate we finally walked up to the house. There was a slew of motorcycles in front of the house. These were all won in a raffle and the winners were there, too. So our ceremony was not at the front door as we had expected. Instead, Sandi and Bev handed over all the FEs in a gorgeous display box. Take note of the FE that came back from Hawaii with a teeny little lei around his neck. In addition, Bev printed out all the pages of the website – onto 300 paper pages! It’s amazing and she really put hours and hours into this project. KUDOs to Bev and Sandi.

A beautiful tribute was written and read Charlotte Cameron.

One of Elvis’ youngest fans. That’s Ash’s little boy (whose name I can’t remember as I write).

They put FE and flowers at the gravesite. Right at Elvis’ grave. Isn’t that awesome?

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Elvisa said...

Thanks Susie for sharing your pictures and comments about Flat Elvis's return to Graceland. I was very pleased to welcome him to France last year and I wish I could have met all of you in Memphis! Too bad, I couldn't come...maybe in 2008?!!