Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Food Network comes to Memphis and we get to eat!

I posted this on the EI but here it is for non-EI folks:

The first day of the conference we filled out tickets for a raffle for a very special event for Insiders only.

The Food Network Show "Dinner: Impossible (like "Mission Impossible?)? Here's the description from their website:

Robert Irvine is a real life chef extraordinaire and the host of Dinner: Impossible. Each week, Robert (with the help of his two sous-chefs, George and George) is thrown a new culinary curveball and the team must figure out a way to solve their challenge before time runs out.

Well this week the challenge was to show people that Elvis's diet was more than just peanut banner and fried bananas. So Mr. Irvine showed up at Graceland this morning where Priscilla gave him his instructions. He had 4 hours to shop for and cook a wonderful southern banquet. And he succeeded. Wildly.

We all went down to EP Delta and sat at beautifully appointed table settings. They filmed some "B" roll of us waiting for things to start and then Priscilla came in, walked to the front and told us what I just told you, adding that the instructions were to feed 100 Elvis Insiders. (Cheers! Cheers!)

The dinner was amazing. It was actually more like 6 dinners. We were served
a gorgeous summer salad
bean salad
corn bread
sweet potato
fried catfish
meat loaf
fried chicken (although that didn't appear at our table)and
an unbelievably awesome dessert that we think is bread pudding with ice cream.

It was impossible to get a picture of all the plates together, because they just kept coming and coming and coming. But here they are in one composite shot:

And here's a couple of shots at this event:


Misty said...

those are great susie!! May I use them at

Thanks and lucky you!

SusieQ said...

yes. just give me credit. But I got some FABULOUS pics at the concert tonight (last night?), including 2 that few will have. How's that for a tease?

Kissa said...

I was at my mother's house tonight trying to explain that splendid dinner to her. It was next to impossible. That was one of the finest meals I have ever had put before me.
If Elvis ate like this...good for him!

noone said...

I can't believe they served fried catfish!!!! Elvis hated the smell of fish and never ate it, according to those around him on a daily basis. Don't think he ate chicken, either.

el'sangel said...

Hi Susie
Thank you so much for sharing with all the fans who couldn't be at Todd's Memorial Service. Do you know if there was a DVD made? that would be a great way to contribute to his favorite charities.
You, my dear did so much for me in August- you just couldn't imagine. I am of the 'Elvis Generation' (old person, now) and after the death of my oldest son in June and health problems in July my plans with dear friends of another year at Elvis Week vanished into thin air. But- here your blog comes along and I was allowed to be apart of all the events every single day! Thank you again. Will be watching fo more news from Graceland through your blog!! Loveya
Maxine Graybill